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2019年9月11日 (水)






アーティスト アルバム 年次
adam makowicz  the name is makowicz  dd21 1983
amanda mcbroom  west of oz  dd15 1981
anita o'day misty 1982
ann burton some other spring 1980
ars nova quartet * maurice ravel string quartet "f"major 1979
danny zeff flamenco fever 1978
dave grusin  discovered again!  dd5 1976
don randi and quest  new baby  dd12 1979
ed graham  hot stix 45 1978
erich leinsdorf * die walkure  dd7 1977
erich leinsdorf * romeo and juliet  dd8 1977
gary foster a beautiful friendship 1979
grab bag audio directions 1976
great guitars straight tracks 1978
guitars unlimited the guitar session 1976
harry james  the king james version  dd3 1976
harry james  comin' from a good place  dd6 1977
herbie hancock directstep 1979
james newton howard & friends  james newton howard & friends  dd23 1983
jim keltner-ron tuff  drum record  dd14 1980
joe sample the three take2 1976
jose libertella これがタンゴだ!! 1978
la4 pavane poyr une infante defunte 1977
la4 just friends 1978
larry mcneely  confederation dd9 1978
lee ritenour friendship 1978
lee ritenour on the line 1983
lew tabackin vintage tenor 1978
lincoln mayorga  growing up in hollywood town  dd13 1980
lincoln mayorga  lincoln mayorga and distinguished colleagues dd1 1974
lincoln mayorga   the missing linc s-10 1974
lloyd holzgaf * the power and the glory 1978
louis bellson note smoking 1978
mel torme and buddy rich together again 1978
michael newman  italian pleasures  dd16 1981
overholt,tate and phillips overholt,tate and phillips 1977
paul smith intensive care 1978
roland hanna glove 1977
rosie o'grady's good time dixie-direct 1977
shelly manne the manne we love 1978
the pentagon the pentagon 1976
the sheffield  track record  dd20 1982
thelma houston   I've got the music in me dd2 1975
tower of power  tower of power  dd17 1981
woody herman road father 1978
yeti chasers I've got my fingers crossed 45 1978
小津 昌彦 dolhin dance 1983
芸能山城組 黄金鱗讃揚 45 1978
北村 英治 hello daddy 1978
ジョージ川口 the drum battle 1976
鈴木勲 string band  1978
深町純 at the steinway (take2) 1976
見砂直照と東京キューバン・ボーイズ 狂熱のラテン 1977
八城一夫 his grand orc screen shop/glorious oscar songs 1979
横内章次 他 boiling point 1977

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« AARON NEVILLEのアルバム | トップページ | 伊豆爺徘徊記(9.11) »